Ali Michael For Vogue Russia Picture


rainy says:
posted on jul 06, 2009  

Excuse me , I want to ask you a question.^^"

why I can't post my pictures?

this is my link address,but I can't post.

And I already put my picture in bookmark,but the web didn't post my work.

I first time come to here

so I don't get it.

please help me~Q.Q


seachel says:
posted on jul 07, 2009  

hi, you want to post your photo here?
first, go to the site where your photo is posted. in your case, the one you sent me which is
then right click on the image and select Add image to , a pop up window will appear, add some tags then click the gray button with green text (+Add picture). i hope you got me.

i posted it on my for you though so if you're not able to do it you can get it there. if you want me to remove it, just leave me a message. ok?

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