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rainydayslove:themanwhocriedwolf:shaneblog:tysonmoffitt:oneclover:lackofdefinition:icanread:(via hazelweatherfield)i wish that i was this clever.holy shit alyssa, bobert morris blogged something from you. i hate you.wot :o
Rainydayslove themanwhocriedwolf shaneblog tysonmofit oneclover lackofdefinition icanread via hazelweatherfield i wish that i was this clever holy shit alysa bobert moris bloged something from you i hate you wot o picture



neilly says:
posted on apr 23, 2010  

So good!!!

lost_cause says:
posted on mar 29, 2011  


heyhelloI'mErla says:
posted on nov 21, 2011  

<3 <3 <3 <3

Emily says:
posted on jan 21, 2012  

I love John Lennon. He always has the best quotes <3

lamer says:
posted on feb 29, 2012  


Mary Durutalo says:
posted on jun 24, 2014  

Very philosophical mind whoever this person is...

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