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Marc says:
posted on oct 29, 2008  


Adi Budi Pamungkas says:
posted on nov 13, 2008  

who is she? damn she's pretty

Novomir says:
posted on dec 06, 2008  

beautiful girl

skritchmeee says:
posted on dec 31, 2008  

How is this "unsafe?" She's beautiful, and she's not even nekkid!

Victor Espigares PLUS says:
posted on jan 07, 2009  

@skritchmeee, you're right, I'm fixing it ;)

urlikvon says:
posted on jan 09, 2010  

The girl is so cute!

Laura says:
posted on may 09, 2010  

Beautiful Girl. Is She A Model?

James says:
posted on may 18, 2010  

She is a very beautiful lady. I like the undescribable look she's giving to the camera.

Awolf Hugsyou says:
posted on dec 01, 2010  

so genious this foto

lozsmiles says:
posted on jan 28, 2011  

This girl is stunning,
anyone know her name?

chaosfilter says:
posted on jan 28, 2011  

According to this forum she is Russian. Her name is Gevorkjan Ashot

chaosfilter says:
posted on jan 28, 2011  

link: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t423905-13

posh says:
posted on jan 30, 2011  

Gevorkjan Ashot isn't the girl.

Gevorkjan Ashot is the photographer, and the girl is called "Anja"


johnkerry says:
posted on mar 31, 2011  

Mera Pakistan

johnkerry says:
posted on mar 31, 2011  

Mera Pakistan

johnkerry says:
posted on mar 31, 2011  

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johnkerry says:
posted on mar 31, 2011  


Morpheus says:
posted on may 12, 2011  

That stormfront link is for a site that is widely regarded as the most popular white supremacist website on the net. I'm pretty sure that's NOT what the photographer was going for in taking this picture!

Is there a way to report comments as spam, and/or anything else??

Lyla says:
posted on jul 04, 2011  

she is gorgeous!! it's so nice to see a pretty young lady who isn't dressed like a slut!!! she is so pretty!

phoetoet says:
posted on sep 01, 2011  

yep.. anja

johnkerry says:
posted on jan 26, 2012  

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سئو وب says:
posted on nov 12  


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