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harper says:
posted on nov 27, 2009  

Let the love be with us during this Holiday season. A day of thanksgiving is celebrated in most human cultures, and the American holiday of Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of November. In light of this holiday, a lot of people are going to be looking for Thanksgiving quotes – and probably cash advances for Black Friday shopping sprees – so why not impart a few? Like most quotes about holidays, you find the occasional sarcastic gem, and then you also find some really smarmy stuff that goes great on a greeting card – the kind you know is cheesy, the receiver knows is cheesy, but is sent anyway as a matter of course.

lucytalbot says:
posted on mar 16, 2010  

Well the holiday season was certainly great, but lots of people needed to rely upon tips to avoid paying too much as many had overspent. The next big expense for people now is the summer holiday season and saving money is just as important at this time of the year.

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