Curate your favorite pictures from around the web

Be part of the VisualizeUs community and start collecting and curating the pictures you like on the web. With our VisualizeUs button is super easy to remember a picture.

ʘ Post to VisualizeUs

↑ Drag this button to your toolbar. ↑

How it works

Just click on the VisualizeUs button whenever you find a beautiful or inspiring picture that you want to remember, curate or share with the community.

It also works with videos!

The pictures and videos on that page will get a blue border. Just click on it and tag your finding so you and the community can find it easily in the future.

Grabbing the VisualizeUs button

Installation is really simple. Just drag the button above to your browser's bookmarks toolbar, and you're done! See below an animated screen capture showing the process.

Screen capture showing how to install the button on your browser

Browsers fully supported: Firefox 1.5+, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9+, Safari 2+


  • Firefox users, make sure that the "Bookmarks Toolbar" is visible in your browser. Click "View" > "Toolbars" and verify that the "Bookmarks Toolbar" item is checked.
  • Internet Explorer users, the drag & drop way doesn't work on IE.
    1. Right-click on the button and select "Add to Favorites". A security popup will appear, click Yes to continue.
    2. Click on "Create in » " and select the "Links" folder.
    3. Make sure that the "Links" toolbar is visible in your browser. Click "View" > "Toolbars" and verify that the "Links" item is checked.
  • Safari users, make sure that the "Bookmarks Bar" is visible. If it is not, go to the menu "View" > "Show Bookmarks Bar". You can also try this VisualizeUs 3rd party extension for Safari.
  • Opera users, with the 9.5 version (and newer) you have to press the Shift key when dropping the button.
  • Chrome users, make sure that the "Bookmarks bar" is visible. If it is not, choose "Always show bookmarks bar" from the "Tools" menu. You can also try the VisualizeUs button for Chrome.