VisualizeUs accounts are intended for personal use only. These Community Guidelines would help you to understand what means to be part of the VisualizeUs community. Remember that your use of VisualizeUs is subject to these guidelines and to the Terms Of Use.

Don't bookmark all

With text bookmarks you don't use to bookmark the whole six pages of an article, just with the first one you can keep track of whole thing. With image bookmarks, it just works the same way. Try not to bookmark just for the sake of it and remember VisualizeUs is not a picture hostage service, but a bookmarking social network. Keep the good taste up!

Moderate your content

Take responsability of what you bookmark. Flag the erotic or unsafe content when posting it. Bookmark as Private the secret things you would keep to yourself. Don't bookmark nasty things, no one likes them! And remember, there's no place for porn in VisualizeUs. Read more »

Try to avoid duplicates

Exercise your visual memory! Try to avoid duplicates or images that are very similar within your account. VisualizeUs does a tough work trying to minimize the number of duplicated images to improve the experience of browsing thousands of pictures, and that'd help.

Play nice

Respect copyright and authorship. Ask for permission when bookmarking copyrighted material and make proper authorship mention when possible. We take this seriously, you should too.

Be respectful with people

As a community, we're people from a lot of different countries, with a lot of different tastes. Everybody has the right to feel comfortable in VisualizeUs. So be polite with the people! Just like in the Real World™ ;)

Have fun!