Victor Espigares

VisualizeUs was initially developed by Victor Espigares, a Spanish software engineer turned into entrepreneur, who loves photography and design.

Victor loves to create meaningful stuff from the ground up, specially the creative process attached to it. He's a well rounded one man orchestra and also loves helping people to create and express their own project ideas on Internet. On VisualizeUs he's in charge of the user experience and interface, design, general strategy and vision.

In his free time Victor loves to practice filipino martial arts, to ski in the snowy mountains of the south of Spain, to climb any rock he can and to work out to stay fit. He loves to read a good book under the morning sun in his terrace, and live life adventures with his wife and baby boy.

Antonio Jerez

Antonio Jerez officially joined VisualizeUs in 2010. He and Victor studied together and are friends since college times. Antonio has been present on the life of VisualizeUs since the day of its birth, helping and supporting Victor on the side, and when he joined officially VisualizeUs was a very natural step.

Antonio is in charge of all the web operations engineering, in other words, to make sure the site loads fast, it scales well, and all the VisualizeUs community can continue curating the visual web. He also codes, specially backend things, and takes care of the day-to-day operations.

In his free time Antonio loves to ride his MTB, fly with his 5 feet comet on the windy beach and do snowboarding on the same snowy mountains than Victor. He loves graphic novels, geeky stuff, good music concerts and to travel and discover new places with his wife and his baby boy.

Special Thanks and Credits

Some friends and collaborators that deserves a special mention and a special thanks:

  • Alejandro Gomez Martinez, responsible of the video bookmarking capability in the VisualizeUs button.
  • Maria Godoy, has been the first incorporation to the team, she takes care of the VisualizeUs blog and handles everything related with social media.
  • Marta Villaseca, the "make it pretty" girl, this page you are looking at, is her credit.
  • Javier Moral Roldan, a true SEO and SEM specialist, helped us to understand how SEO works and to adapt the site for a better contextualization.
  • Jose Luis Fernandez, another of the "make it pretty" guys that helped us when fighting against extensions and responsiveness.

There are a lot of people who deserve to be thanked for their support, but this project wouldn't be possible without the open-source philosophy, so these ones are more than owed: Marcus Campbell for the Scuttle project, in which VisualizeUs was initially based; and Jos Buivenga, creator of the Fertigo font used in the logo.

The Mothership, is the company responsible of the iOs app development, it wouldn't be possible, without the use of GTM OAuth library: (c) 2011 Google Inc. and JSON Parser (c) 2009 Stig Brautaset. All Rights reserved.

Of course, all of this couldn't be possible without the unconditional support and love of our wives, families and closest friends. Thank you all!