Jubal JS Harshaw says:
posted on jul 30, 2014  

Alone. Shoulders bare. A long, covering skirt. She appears calm but is she simply in an abandoned building in the U.S. or is she in a sniper's hide in Sarajevo or a Christian of the Levant (Eygpt, Iraq, Palestine) in a sniper's hide, her lover who has promised to keep her and her family safe, is out of frame to her left. Soon there's an all clear over the sniper's radio. They both look at each other and smile. He nods his head back with the smile of a lover and says, "Show me." She returns the smile and pulls her tube top over her head and off revealing a long, lean torso with small, pert breasts riding high on her chest. She tosses her hair back, looks down at her waist and begins to unfasten her blouse. It puddles around bare feet, revealing the beauty of the rest of her body. She slowly looks at her lover. She smiles. He comes to her. It is love among the ruins.

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