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stephoni says:
posted on oct 24, 2009  

Ladybugs like in the photo above looks cute that is why it doesn’t get negative press—until you have a ladybug infestation. They look all cute when some goofy little kid is playing with them, or they're crawling on a flower, but get it straight, Cletus – it's an insect, and it will infest your home, and it will be wrecked due to the little buggers. Ladybugs, or the insect group coccinellidae, are a species of beetles that has those little spots on them. They will eat away at furniture, and they have a mechanism where they release some of their blood that has a distinctive smell – similar to stinkbugs - which will wreck your home, though in a garden they are beneficial as they eat aphids. They're cute to look at, but not taking steps to keep them out of your house, will lead to needing debt relief.

softworksgloballlc says:
posted on oct 18  

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