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inoreloaded says:
posted on jun 13, 2009  

really great idea. i love it so much...

karenguz says:
posted on oct 11, 2010  

A very cool concept! May I ask if the image above is copyrighted? I work in a replicachicago website design company
and I can use some of these images in my line of work :) How do I contact the owner to ask permission? Or buy the rights for this image?

posted on apr 22, 2011  

nice idea.

Isa ♡ says:
posted on jan 15, 2013  

Hey. I would like to use this picture commerically. My class is doing an project for a library and I chooed your picture for my poster. I need this picture in high resolution quality. Please contact me for futher information and the price you want for the picture. Thanks.

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