Photojojo a Real Life Photoshop Complete With Handy Tolbar

photojojo: a real life photoshop complete with handy toolbar, rulers, and palette. artist directors: andreas junus & irawandhani kamarga; photographer: anton ismael
Photojojo a real life photoshop complete with handy tolbar rulers and palete artist directors andreas junus & irawandhani kamarga photographer anton ismael picture



Andrew says:
posted on sep 23, 2009  


kandri says:
posted on sep 26, 2009  

I love it . cool

Isadora Vilardo says:
posted on dec 16, 2009  


ladyt says:
posted on may 24, 2010  

This made my day. Love it!

Earendel Khemaluk says:
posted on mar 26, 2011  


jeanpiart says:
posted on jan 17, 2012  

woow good photo

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