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Infectiousgrove artpixie efeitos realistas&160 blog cn curiosidades na net on vi sualize us this is so creative picture



Aimee says:
posted on dec 01, 2009  

This photo was originally submitted to by ~Tatiannna ( There was also a similar photo submitted by ~fiorello at a later time ( Coincidentally enough, both artists had the same idea and executed it in very different styles.

I figured the artist should be given credit. Please visit both artists' pages if you have a deviantart account and you like their images; let them know with a comment or a favorite. :)

Amélie & Alice says:
posted on jan 25, 2010  

I agree! And this is stunning :)

rolomagno says:
posted on mar 02, 2011  

just great!

rolomagno says:
posted on mar 02, 2011  

just great!

amazing says:
posted on dec 11, 2011  


Donna says:
posted on dec 15, 2011  

Beautiful picture. Great idea ;)

Mayar Maher says:
posted on aug 22, 2012  


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