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mousesb%27s reviews - stumbleupon

mousesb%27s reviews - stumbleupon


yldesign says:
posted on apr 28, 2009  

The picture is perfect --- all very nice
cool ... I love it good images
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Silvia says:
posted on jan 05, 2010  

Love the colours

missadorable1992 says:
posted on mar 29, 2010  

her hair is beautiful...n shockingly red lipstick just gives the right effect!

yeana says:
posted on may 25, 2011  

i love her hair... <3

chestergroshaus says:
posted on aug 25, 2011  


Tara Pelton says:
posted on aug 24, 2012  

Hello. In the book Elven World, Scota is described exactly as this image shows. So I have included this photo on the poetry page for Scota as you can see here http://elvenworld.org/2012/08/scota-tuatha-de-danann-invocation-for-our-times/. Please let me know how I can reach the artist of this photo...we are at elvenworld.org xox Tara

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