zachary says:
posted on sep 25, 2009  

Bijou Phillips seems to get herself in the news quite a bit, and no one really knows why. Well, there are reasons – she's one of the darlings of the hipster/model types, she's engaged to Danny Masterson, aka Hyde from That 70s Show, she has a lot of on-set tantrums – oh yeah, did we mention her dad was John Phillips, from the Mamas and the Papas? Supposedly, Mackenzie Phillips, her elder half sister by over 20 years, is going to reveal some huge family secret on Oprah – but who cares? Honestly, no one out of this Phillips camp has been making waves for some time, now – and another sister of hers, Chynna, was the Phillips part of Wilson Phillips. Many would give low interest loans to not have to hear inane banter about Bijou Phillips ever again.

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