Sometimes a Picture Realy Is Worth a Thousand Words or in

sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. or in this case, all the crazy gadgets and dollars spent trying to control cable madness reduced to a couple well-placed binder clips. brilliant! (via observando)
Sometimes a picture realy is worth a thousand words or in this case al the crazy gadgets and dolars spent trying to control cable madnes reduced to a couple wel placed binder clips briliant via observando picture



dougfinnell says:
posted on may 09, 2010  

I can't believe I didn't think of that

diefuchsjagden says:
posted on may 10, 2010  

now thats good cable organization!!

dadude268 says:
posted on may 29, 2010  

Funny thing, is that those are the exact four cables which i live by

micahm says:
posted on jul 05, 2010  

Wow! That's just amazing to me.

pure_one says:
posted on aug 23, 2010  

Amazing.. :) gr8 idea. already have gone for it.

kateweb says:
posted on sep 14, 2010  

infinitely useful

Stephen says:
posted on feb 23, 2011  

Haha, this is epic!

Anita says:
posted on apr 18, 2011  

Saw this on Stumbleupon a while ago and it helped me a lot.

smilinsam says:
posted on apr 24, 2011  

Simple; brilliant.

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