Special Seat (Via Minou*) Picture


jarred says:
posted on jul 17, 2009  

This is so wonderful. And while we are talking about wonderful shots, have you already heard the good news about the comedian Jim Parsons? Jim Parsons might not be a household name at this point, but he might be on his way. Jim Parsons was among the names for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series in the 2009 Emmy Awards, for his role on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper. Born in 1973, he pursued acting as a career but didn't land a role of note until 2002, a guest spot on the sitcom Ed, a role on Judging Amy a few years later, and then Big Bang Theory. He has appeared in several films, most notably Garden State in 2004. If the series is stays successful, Jim Parsons could cash check after check.

Christopher Pike says:
posted on jul 17, 2009  

I dont like cats but this shot is wonderfully executed. great job.

gerryg says:
posted on nov 26, 2009  

A perfect picture of serenity and calmness :) This kitten looks so cute too! Would love to have it as a pet.
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