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stefen says:
posted on sep 09, 2009  

As a freshman in college, I find that I am taking a lot more risks than I did thus far in my life, and I think that it is good for me. In high school phpbb hosting, I was always the careful one, always taking the surest path. Now that I am in college I decided I can't be afraid of doing things that need to get done. I used to hate calling people I don�t know very well on the phone vbulletin hosting. But I�ve realized I'm never going to make it on my own if I am afraid to be assertive and if I put off what I need to do to get things done. For example, if I am trying to work or study I can't be afraid to tell my roommate and her friends to be quiet or leave. Before, I would just have let them be obnoxious and be frustrated upset the entire time because I was afraid others would think I am mean web hosting reviews. But, now I know better than to let that stop me. So, even little risks like that can be significant.

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