Tutte Le Dimensioni She 020 Flickr Condivisione Di Foto!

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tutte le dimensioni she 020 flickr – condivisione di foto!
Tutte le dimensioni she 020 flickr condivisione di foto! picture


valerie says:
posted on jul 11, 2009  

This picture is very beautiful especially the way everything looks dull and only the umbrella adds a little color to it.

Cynthia says:
posted on sep 18, 2009  

This picture makes me think of the song "Keep my Warm" by Ida Maria...


mamilee24 says:
posted on dec 08, 2009  

This is so wonderful... Kind of chilly when you look at it, but its really heartwarming. Love it ;)

leila says:
posted on apr 06, 2010  

I love how the umbrella stands out, and how you can see the blue lights fron the houses and all in the background. It's a very warm picture, dispite it's cool contents. I also like how it seems dull, yet sort of bright. It's a very cute picture, love it :)

Makuna says:
posted on jun 28, 2010  

great picture :) really nice and snow is so beautiful

Lana says:
posted on sep 19, 2010  

nice :)

chrissynoble says:
posted on mar 27, 2011  

Amazing, this may inspire a poem.

himani says:
posted on jul 19, 2011  

beauty cannot be expressed by words....

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