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galleries / photography / rosie hardy - fubiz™

galleries / photography / rosie hardy - fubiz™


malizia says:
posted on jun 25, 2009  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!!!

Yes!ChinaTour says:
posted on jul 03, 2009  

i like this! Fly like an angel!

giajo says:
posted on aug 06, 2009  

Rosie Hardy Plagiarism :
http://www.flickr.com/groups/central/discuss/72157614107820734/page3/Rosie Hardy Plagiarism

jake18 says:
posted on sep 11, 2009  

Rosie Hardy Plagiarism
This woman is not a photographer. She is a copycat.

Devang Shah says:
posted on dec 28, 2009  

Lovely Capture.

nehaa says:
posted on dec 31, 2009  

can feel the open cool wind.. its a nice one..!!

mayu says:
posted on mar 19, 2010  

It makes u feel real...:)

lovetext says:
posted on may 11, 2010  

wow...i surely wanna to be free like dat lady!


╰⊰✿Touba✿⊱╮ says:
posted on apr 05, 2011  

lovetext m2 :)

Yui says:
posted on aug 08, 2011  

it makes me feel free like i'm flying to the top of sky ^^

T0oty says:
posted on feb 09, 2012  

there is not feeling as much the freedom!!!

Trabut Holt says:
posted on nov 06, 2012  

super click

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