Why Girls Dress Picture

why girls dress
Why girls dress picture



ayn_rand says:
posted on may 11, 2011  

If girls only dress for other girls, then why do they feel compelled to buy $800 shoes? That's a lot of pressure for girls to put on each other. No wonder eating disorders exist.

sungshine says:
posted on may 11, 2011  

I know what you mean, It's just the way the world is nowadays. It's really not nice to see girls that are insecure about themselves. The same goes for guys as well.

ayn_rand says:
posted on may 11, 2011  

I'm glad that I don't feel pressured into wearing expensive clothes by other guys. It must be hard to try to live up to other peoples standards all of the time. If I could give girls out there one piece of advice, I would say dress for yourself. At the end of the day you are the only person you have to answer to, and only you know if what you are doing is good and right. If you're honest with yourself, you will attract other people like a magnet. Expensive shoes don't draw the right attention.

moshuga says:
posted on may 13, 2011  

In general this statement is true. And if we look at that, maybe a lot less women would be buying $200+ shoes.

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