Yet Always Silent. By ~Sophie0305 on Deviantart Picture

yet always silent.... by ~sophie0305 on deviantart
Yet always silent. by ~sophie0305 on deviantart picture


Jubal JS Harshaw says:
posted on jun 28, 2014  

She is an unusual girl. Exquisitely beautiful. Kind. Intelligent. Filled with love and desires that she is unable to voice, for you. When she speaks to you, it is barely above a whisper with a slight tremor to her voice. Fear? Of what? Of you? Of losing you, who understands and loves her. But in the encasing safety and comfort of bed, your body to hers, she is always silent, except for the wild beating of her heart and the breathy gasps acknowleging her pleasure. Afterwards, your bodies entwined, you feel her tears of joy brush your shoulder. She is an unusual girl whom you will love and desire till the day you die.

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